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Oklahoma businesses and school districts turn to WPS for internet and telecommunications solutions from AT&T that easily scale as needs change. Your data, voice, and video stream with ease, security, and reliability on the AT&T network.

AT&T Managed Internet Service

This dedicated internet solution offers high-speed connectivity and superior reliability, with bandwidth dedicated to your organization alone. Users enjoy the same fast upload and download speeds, backed by industry-leading service level agreements. That means you get 100% service availability, 99.95% data delivery, and low latency, regardless of what and where you are transmitting. From video conferences to rich media files to fast access to your cloud applications, dedicated internet access delivers—across the continental United States and extending to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Because of its speed and reliability, and ability to add features with ease, AT&T MIS is our favored option for our E-rate clients, to bring digital teaching technology to classrooms in underserved areas.

AT&T Virtual Private Network

Connect multiple locations with ease and a high level of data security, with an AT&T VPN (AVPN). AVPN enables you to send voice, video, and applications over a single IP network that can handle a growing number of locations, users, and applications. Connect your mobile workforce with the home office (and each other) or corporate headquarters with branch offices. AVPN also prioritizes your network traffic to avoid latency issues, and the enhanced redundancy provides valuable business continuity.

AT&T Point-to-Point Ethernet

This cost-effective, flexible end-to-end solution—also called Ethernet Private Line—connects two locations, securely and reliably, with bandwidth that scales up to meet your evolving business application needs. You get an Ethernet experience in a dedicated private line connection that connects you to the internet, provides access to larger networks as needed, provides an excellent backup solution, and helps balance your network load.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach

This voice over internet IP (VoIP) telephony solution offers unified communications capabilities that helps you improve customer service and internal communications. Multi-location or multi-departmental businesses like AT&T IP Flex for its many call management features and the ability to centralize call delivery easily. You get the convenience of one nationwide provider to connect all your locations, and the ability to converge voice and data over one network makes it easy to configure and administer through your web portal.

Calling features include call routing; hold, pick up, forwarding, transfer; call return, call waiting; hunt groups; and voice mail to email. Your organization will also save on unlimited local and site-to-site calling (among IP flex locations) and international calling from the US; and the ability to add users without expensive hardware investment.

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